About Us

We are pleased to present our unique and stylish NCCU Merchandise for the shopping pleasure of NCCU Alumni, fans, and students! The HBCU Alumni Store gives full respect to HBCUs and we also give you the freedom to express yourself with premium level collections of top tier superfan gear from PSA, Digital Apparel Labs, Wooter Apparel, and more. We bend over backwards so you can represent NCCU in tees, hoodies, jerseys, and active wear!!!!


We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and strive to build long term relationships with each of our customers. We're fans of college sports ourselves, so we are more than dedicated to creating an enjoyable experience with each contact. If your expectations are not exceeded and if you don't look forward to coming back, then we haven't done our job!


If you are interested in purchasing our items wholesale for the purpose of reselling or if you’d like to represent us in your local area, please give us a call at (866) 700 6004 or visit PSA Collegiate (www.psacollegiate.com).